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Cosmetic Dentures

Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons.Peridontal disease,decay and trauma are some.Dentures have been used for years to replace missing.Alternative treatments are available,such as fixed bridges and implants.

The loss of teeth can negatively affect your confidence.Eating and biting is affected and the appearance of your face can change around the area of your missing teeth.The face starts to sag and makes you look older.It is important that missing teeth are replaced as soon as possible.

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth.They are designed to look and function like your normal teeth.Modern dentures are now more aesthetically pleasing and realistic as well as better fitting.They are more comfortable to wear too.

Types of dentures

When all your teeth are missing you can be fitted with a full set of dentures.If you only have a select few missing a partial denture or an over denture is used.Partial dentures prevent your existing teeth shifting following tooth loss.

Acrylic resins are used to make dentures.There are other material choices newly developed for modern cosmetic dentistry.Your dentist will give you information on these.The latest option are flexible Valplast cosmetic dentures.

Holding Dentures in place

Dentures should stay in place naturally with the suctions of the gums.Some fixative can also be used.When eating certain foods dentures can become loose and cause difficulties.A permenant solution to this problem is to have the dentures fixed onto dental implants or mini-implants.Implants bring back your confidence when eating as they dont move and can be used like natural teeth.Many people are now opting for the implant option,though costly,these dentures change the quality of your life.

How should I care for my dentures

Dentures should be kept clean at all times.To give the gums a rest,dentures should be removed at nights.Removal give your gums chance to recover and be exposed to natural saliva which kees them healthy.When not being worn,dentures should be brushed and left soaking in a glass of cold water.Cleaning tablets may be added to the water if wished but dentures should be brushed again before use.If the dentures become so dirty and stained that normal brushing does not get them clean, your dentist can clean them professionally.It is important to have regular check-ups with your dentist to check the fit of your dentures.Gums and underlying bones change shape constantly which can make your loose and ill-fitting.Loose dentures cause inflammation and irritation to the mouth as well as affecting your speech and eating habits.

How long do dentures last?

The length of time your dentures last depends on how well they are looked after and the amount of general wear and tear.Over time the dentures may become loose and not fit properly.The mouths bone structure is changing all the time.When this happens you will need to have a new set made if the minor adjustments the dentist can make to your own set are not enough.

The procedure

On the first visit to your dentist they will assess your needs and extract teeth if needed.If your gums are not health these will be treated also.

An impression or mould of your gums are made.This is used as a model to make the dentures fit the contours of the mouth exactly.The laboratory technician will then make the dentures to the dentists specifications.

Immediate Dentures

If healing time is needed after extractions,a temporary set of dentures are fitted.The gums have to be fully healed before your dentures are finally fitted.Immediate dentures protect your gums while healing as well as making it possible to eat properly.Immediate dentures can be modified as the gums heal as the healing time can take a few months.