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Mouth Rinses

Some mouth washes have therapeutic benefits, others only cosmetic. Some have both.

Therapeutic mouth rinses with fluoride have been proven to help fight cavities, plaque and gingivitis.

Always read the labels of mouthwashes to make sure they meet set standards.

Following surgery or oral disease, a mouthwash is sometimes required and people who have difficulty brushing, such as people with arthritis, benefit from using mouthwashes.

Using mouthwashes only moderately fights cavities and plaque. Rinsing with water and brushing with a good fluoride toothpaste is just as good if not better than mouthwashes. Some rinses have even been known to irritate gums and the soft tissues of the mouth. Another side effect can be fluoride toxicity, discolouration or overly sensitive teeth and gums.(due partly to high fluoride and alcohol content)